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How to Purchase NFTs

1️. The most comfortable for this will be the Metapro Wallet available for IOS and Android or Metamask.
In the case of Metamask, the BNB Smart Chain should be added.
2️. Tokens need to be purchased for Busd via the BNB network so there must be a small amount of bnb needed on the wallet to cover the transfer (fee is the cost of a few cents).
3️. After charging the wallet you need to link it to this page
4️. You need to select the token, the amount, confirm the choice on the site, confirm the wallet transactions and you are done.
After purchasing tokens, funds can be locked up for the longest 3 weeks (until the end of the issue) or until sold out.
As with all investments, potential NFT buyers should become familiar with the risks. Investing in NFTs can result in financial loss. The value of NFTs is highly volatile and the market is new and not fully understood, research and understand the NFT before investing. Past performance does not guarantee future results.