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About Pixel Trapps

Pixel Trapps is a small studio with people with big hearts. That's why we want to provide you with quality products and, above all, games that will be remembered for years to follow. Our considerable aspirations for the next generation of games are relevant to the blockchain experience. Together with partners and publishers, we develop the product from start to end, focusing on the playability of the product, offering full technical and business support.
Pixel Trapps is a subsidiary of Forestlight Games responsible for mobile and VR game projects. The company is currently working on Shelter of Exiles and Farmer Olympics games for the blockchain market, a mobile version of Party Maker and games for VR technology - House Builder VR and Dolphin Trainer VR.

Partners and previous collaborations


PlayWay was created in 2011 to build games for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS. Since then it has produced and released over 70 games that are sold or downloaded worldwide. PlayWay is direct shareholder in more than 70 game development companies, with more then 100 games still to come.
Website: https://playway.com/​

Forestlight Games

Forestlight Games is a PC and console game developer and publisher from the PlayWay Group. The company got the release of Electro Ride: The Neon Racing, nominated for Best Indie Game at Digital Dragons. The studio has also released Party Maker and is currently working on several titles, including Rollercoaster Mechanic, Camper Flipper, Farm Renovator, Lifeguard Simulator and The Pope Power & Sin.


Metapro wallet is the first web3 wallet dedicated for metaverse and gaming developers, creators and players. It is a one-stop shop for user authentication, asset management, NFT and everything related to metaverse offering new types of rarity and item experience. We are building a bridge between metaverse, dApps and blockchain for every user.
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