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Player Game Economy

The Shelter of Exiles is a hack&slash mobile game that utilizes blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to give players real value for their in-game loot. In this game, players can choose to play for free or to invest in the game via microtransactions.
Free to play players invest their time and effort into the game, working to earn in-game items and rewards through gameplay. Premium players, on the other hand, can choose to buy items and rewards directly through microtransactions. This allows them to access exclusive items and gameplay advantages that may not be available to free to play players.

Tokenisation of Game

One unique aspect of Shelter of Exiles is that some NFTs can only be obtained through in-game actions, while others can only be purchased through microtransactions. This allows for a diverse range of items and rewards, and adds an additional layer of value to the game's economy.
Players are also able to trade items freely on the in-game marketplace, allowing them to exchange items and rewards with each other. This creates a dynamic and constantly evolving economy within the game, where players can choose to invest their time or money in order to acquire the items and rewards they desire.

Use Case

For example, a free to play player may have spent a significant amount of time and effort earning a rare in-game item through gameplay. They may then select to put this item up for sale on the marketplace, where it can be purchased by a premium player who is willing to pay for the item.
In this scenario, the free to play player has been able to convert their time and effort into a valuable in-game item, which they can then trade with a premium player for in-game currency or other items. Meanwhile, the premium player is able to access a rare and valuable item that they may not have been able to obtain through gameplay, adding value to their own in-game experience.


Overall, the game's economy is designed to encourage cooperation between free to play players and premium players. Free to play players can earn valuable in-game items through gameplay, while premium players can access exclusive items and rewards through microtransactions. This system allows for a diverse and dynamic economy within the game, where players can choose to invest their time or money in order to progress and succeed.