World Exploration

In order to keep the atmosphere of exploring a new, wild continent, we have relied on an extensive exploration system, making it the main mechanic of the player's contact with the world of Shelter of Exiles. The goal of the exploration system is to create an environment for multiple activities, to visualise player progression and to develop the PvE side of the game in an attractive way.
For the game's release, several zones (locations) will be added. Each of these is divided into hexagons, featuring a variety of activities such as monster battles, dungeons, villages, crates or mini story missions familiar from paper rpgs. Crucially, zones are procedurally generated, so each player gets a differently assembled map of random hexagons.
However, it is also here that the player actively participates in the game's storyline, which allows him or her to make moral and world-important choices to maintain the atmosphere and the principle that the player is the centre of the whole story, rather than it being told without his or her contribution.