Our Priorities

The following is a short list of things we wanted to necessarily include in our gameplay during its design.
  • Multiple Activities
We made every effort to make the game attractive to every type of player. The world of mmorpgs is huge and the number of systems that can be added make it as possible to reconcile PvE with PvP, but it has to be done in a relevant, balanced and thoughtful way. So in Shelter of Exiles, a range of activities awaits, allowing the player to progress according to their own preferences. Whether you prefer aggressive, dynamic gameplay in dungeons, raids or in the arena, or whether you prefer to focus on peaceful resource extraction from lands or guild-based activities - you are always a necessary participant in the market as well as in the community.
  • Players Symbiosis
In the gameplay, we have also ensured an economic symbiosis between players investing money and those investing time in the game. Through this mechanism, we have made both types of players relevant to the gameplay and, by working together, they can achieve shared progress.