Blockchain and currency

What is Play to Earn?
Play to Earn is the game’s pay model, which allows all players to own goods and sell or buy them freely with real money. This means that all items in Shelter of Exiles have a monetary value, and the player has the opportunity to profit from their sale.
What is blockchain?
Blockchain is a registry of decentralized data for secure use. Using cloud-based blockchain services, transaction data from multiple sources can be easily collected, integrated and shared. Data is divided into shared blocks, linked to unique identifiers in the form of cryptographic hashes.
Blockchain ensures the integrity of data with a single source of truth, eliminating duplicate data and increasing security.
What is the NFT?
NFT (non-fungible token) is a digital unit encrypted with Blockchain technology, which is nothing more than a key to the assets it holds. In Shelter of Exiles, some of the items in the game are NFT assets, so they are owned by players and investors securing their monetary achievements and character progress.
What does it mean to get land and avatars on property?
Purchased items in blockchain technology are unique and are only your property. Only you have access to it and can decide on its potential sale. In the case of land, you also gain the possibility of monthly profit after the release of the game.
Last modified 5mo ago