Land Ownership

What is land ownership?
All the players are more than invited to buy a piece of virtual land in the world of Shelter of Exiles. It gives the opportunity to mine items and materials that can later be sold on the open market or rent the premises to other players and earn real money.
Landowner contracts will be issued during the production of the game. Ownership of land will provide the owner with a share of the profits from the game from the rental of land and trade in raw materials extracted from the land.
The profit distribution will be distributed among investors depending on the rank and amount of land purchased. Thanks to this, you will be able to become a colonizer who with his investment helped players to come to a new continent and you will profit from it.
Does land give the premium player an unfair advantage over the free to play player?
Players can rent a land for a relatively small price as we want to be accessible to all types of players. In addition, the resources obtained from the lands can be sold to players, which allows them to recover the money spent on renting. Likewise, players can sell in-game items and use the profits to rent land.
Can I freely trade land property?
Yes, our market ensures full security in land trading. Original piece of land is being bought from developers and then can circulate among the community of players. Everybody can decide whether to buy land from developers (if it is still available) or from another player.
How much do the lands cost?
The cost of purchasing land (game shares) increases with each successive wave of issuance, so it is best to check current prices on the official sales website –
Do you plan to add more lands to the sale?
No, the amount of land in the new continent is large, but limited. Over time, the next pieces of land will become more expensive, so we recommend that you buy them now!
How can I purchase land?