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“Arise, mortals! Do not hide in… the Shelter of Exiles!”
The game "Shelter of Exiles" is set in a world where magicians once ruled with an iron fist, using their powers for their own gain and enslaving those without magic. However, a group of heroes known as the "Exiles" managed to escape from the old continent and discover a new, rich world filled with magic crystals containing the souls of ancient champions.
Now, armed with magic themselves, the Exiles seek revenge against the magicians who once oppressed them and strive for justice in their new world. But they are not alone in this new world, as an evil prince is also searching for a powerful artifact known as the crown, which is said to connect the souls of all past kings.
As the player, you will take on the role of one of the Exiles and embark on a journey to find the crown before the evil prince does. Along the way, you will encounter new allies and enemies, learn powerful magic spells, and fight epic battles in order to bring justice to the new world. Will you be able to find the crown and defeat the evil prince, or will you become just another exile in this new land?