🐴Game Pillars


Player character development and the in-game economy are based on itemization. This means that our character's statistics and abilities depend on the items acquired and equipped. It can be likened to assembling our ideal character from "building blocks."

Open Trading

The game features a marketplace that allows trading between players for the majority of resources and in-game items.

Infinite Endgame

The game lacks a formal "ceiling" to progression, dynamically expanding the possibilities for developing one's character. This means players can endlessly participate in the race to acquire stronger and rarer items.

Seasonal Gameplay

The main challenges in the game will be seasonal dungeons, PvP tournaments, and Guild competitions. These are activities that offer cosmetic NFTs.

Marketplace-based Business Model

The primary focus of game profits relies on commissions from trading between players.

Free to Own

NFT items should not be sold but made obtainable through in-game activities or community engagements. Profit from NFTs is based on trading commissions and token value building.

No Progression Rollbacks

All player investments, whether in funds or time, must be retained. The game cannot allow server resets. Game systems such as upgrading or crafting must allow for the possibility of recovering invested materials. The same applies to Hideout or Guild upgrades.

Low Entry Barrier

Despite belonging to the Web3 market, our game should allow for almost full gameplay without needing to connect to a wallet.

Two Main Interfaces - Combat and Hideout/World.

Combat involves real-time match gameplay during which we cannot switch to other game scenes. The remaining part of the game serves as an application through which we can freely navigate, with the game reacting to our interactions.

Hideout Progression

We develop the Hideout through a tree of building upgrades and obtaining special items (which function similarly to items equipped in the inventory except visually; the character does not wear them).

Game Progression

We will notice game progress on the world map and regional maps through mission development, unlocked locations, and completed activities.

Gameplay Loop

Players experience gameplay by exploring locations, participating in discovered activities in the fields, and returning to special activities on the map.

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