🧩Token Utilities

In-Game Resource

Bonus Refill

This reward gives players a bonus for the experience and resources gained in-game and an increased chance of acquiring rarer items. This bonus automatically replenishes for free when players are offline (allowing free-to-play players to "rest") and depletes during gameplay. However, once the daily bonus expires, players can renew it using a token.

Upgrade Hideout

Players can use tokens to enhance buildings in their Hideout at certain milestone intervals of building upgrades. Upgrading buildings unlocks new features or increases the bonuses obtained from them.

Premium Dungeon

These are alternative versions of dungeons accessible to players holding keys. Keys can only be obtained in-game, stimulating the game's market. However, enchanting a key with a token allows entry into a special version of the dungeon with significantly more attractive rewards.

Game Booster

When engaging in single-player activities, players can choose to use a booster either before or during the level (depending on the type of booster). This item provides additional bonuses, enhancing the player's chances of victory or improving performance.


Get ready for heart-pounding action where every move counts! In adrenaline-fueled challenges, falling in battle doesn't mean game over - it's just another chance to rise and conquer! With limited opportunities to resurrect and keep the adventure alive, seize the moment and show off your skills in epic battles!


Tournament Fees

Allow players to pay a small fee in tokens to join a PvP tournament, where players compete against each other or strive individually for the highest score. Competitors engage in a system where they have a set number of lives and play rounds until they are eliminated. The more victories they achieve before elimination, the higher the reward they receive in-game items, tokens, or unique NFTs that cannot be obtained by any other means.

Guild Upgrade

Players can enhance their guild status by paying with in-game resources and tokens, strengthening their guild medal. The bonuses from guild development are the cumulative total of the medals of its members. This means players' expenditure remains with them even if they change guilds. Guild upgrades are particularly beneficial in seasonal competitions between guilds, where they vie for seasonal rewards.


Item Quality Trading

In its various activities, the game allows players to find or earn valuable and rare items in combat, such as artifacts, cosmetic elements, or NFTs. The items obtained have randomly generated statistics and additional powers, encouraging players to search for the most valuable items. The game emphasizes open trade, allowing players to trade the items they find, using the token as a medium of exchange and generating profits from transaction fees.

Resource Quantity Trading

Resources obtained directly in gameplay are typically tradable among players. Thus, players can farm various resources for trade, which is conducted using tokens and generates profit through transaction fees. This resource trading contrasts with item trading, as experienced players usually obtain the most powerful items. However, resource farming is more beneficial and accessible for beginner players. The drop level of resources during gameplay does not increase significantly, but the demand does, fueling the need for trade.


Staking for Token

The game's token owners can deposit their tokens into a staking mechanism. In return, they receive a profit in tokens after a specified period. This system allows token holders to earn additional tokens as a reward for staking their existing ones.

DAO - Votings

In a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), the community collectively holds the power to determine the allocation of tokens from the treasury. This democratic approach extends to critical decisions regarding airdrops, game development initiatives, NFT collections, and various other aspects. By actively empowering the community to shape the company's direction, the DAO model ensures a transparent and inclusive decision-making process, fostering a sense of ownership and engagement among token holders.

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